Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Heroin Withdrawal timeline and Heroin addiction recovery statistics

Heroin addicts can get an effective treatment under qualified professionals in the Heroin rehab programs. The addict should understand the signs and symptoms of heroin withdrawal. These narcotic drugs are very powerful, and they actually bond themselves with the chemical process in our body.

The nervous system gets accustomed and works with the drugs, and if they are stopped the addict will undergo withdrawal symptoms. So, a question arises, what are the withdrawal symptoms of Heroin? You can talk to the therapists at the Heroin rehab centers to know more about this.

Heroin addiction signs, and symptoms of withdrawal may occur after a few hours from your last dose. If the addict has poor health, then the withdrawal can be fatal. Heroin withdrawal symptoms timeline depends on the nature of drug taken along with the number of years.


Heroine Rehab

If the addict had been taking the drug in a large amount, then the heroin withdrawal symptoms timeline may increase. In this case, he might have to stay at the rehab center for more than 60 days. Refraining from addiction is very tough, but one should quit and look forward to leading a sober life.

The addict can take treatment as an outpatient and visit the rehab as per schedule given by the doctors for his detoxification program, counseling and therapy sessions. The heroin withdrawal timeline will depend on his immune system, which differs in each patient.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms are vomiting, nausea, insomnia, diarrhea, breathing problems, loss of appetite, craving for drugs and change of moods. If this first stage of heroin withdrawal timeline can be managed, then the patient has a better chance to get through successfully. Major withdrawal symptoms are convulsions, blackouts and shivering of hands or legs, which may take some time to get controlled.

For some people, the heroin addiction recovery status may be intolerable and the cravings can linger for a long time because of excessive use of substance abuse, and detoxification is sure to help such patients.

Many rehab centers are run by religious organizations with a sole aim to free the society from the clutches of drugs. Christian rehab centers in Florida are one of them, who help the drug addicts to overcome the habit safely and lead a healthy life. The 12-step program is also carried out, so that the heroin addiction recovery status becomes stronger by communicating in groups.

According to the reports, the statistic on heroin addiction recovery was 77.6 % much higher than the rates taken before the treatment, which were 59.2%.

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Generally, the rehab centers have helped a lot of addicts for the last few years to fight against the drug problem, which is clearly seen in the statistic on heroin addiction recovery percentage. There are rehab centers, which are funded by federal Government and freely available for an addict to get help. You just need to find a good program and get enrolled and within a few weeks time you would see that you have completely recovered from the same.

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